About Us

About FamilyWall

Why FamilyWall?

We have created FamilyWall because there was no digital service where you could simply and privately share information with your family.

Think about it, most of your family connects to social networks to communicate with their friends and professional colleagues not with their family. The reason, nobody wants to share their private life on their social networks. Communication with your family remains limited to kitchen magnet, post it left on a board, mobile texting or one to one email.

How often do you call your kids to know where they are? How often your husband calls you to know with whom you are having dinner tonight With FamilyWall, all your family can access a private Cloud, exchange messages with all the members, share important contacts such as babysitter and doctor, organize Family Events, locate the last position posted by a member.

At FamilyWall, we believe in simplicity, privacy and great design, and we think we've been able to focus the app on what matters the most for you: share with people you care most about.


** At FamilyWall, your private life...stay private. That's why all your informations will stay confidential and will never be used for commercial use. **

Designed to be present on all the connected devices of your home as well as on your phone, FamilyWall is accessible on the web, on your iPhone, iPad, Android Smartphones and Tablets.

For more information on FamilyWall features, please click here to see more details.

Who we are?

FamilyWall was founded in 2011 by Nicolas Frattaroli and Eric Vieillevigne who spent more than 10 years working together at Voxmobili, the company they created in 2000. Fathers of two big Families, we saw how cumbersome it was to simply communicate and organize with our family in the digital era of tablets, connected TV and social networks.

FamilyWall has been designed and developed by a team of passionate people deploying all their large expertise to deliver this service to you. If you want to join the crew please send us your application to jobs@familyandco.com.

We have a rich roadmap of service for FamilyWall. So stay tune, we will deliver new updates regularly with new devices supported, new features...

If you have any feature request, feedback do not hesitate to send us email @ feedback@familyandco.com. We will try our best to answer you as fast as we can.

Contact us

16, Théodore de Banville Street
75017 Paris

Email : info@familyandco.com
Twitter : twitter.com/familywall
Facebook :facebook.com/familywall